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6369 Hohe Berg - Wulfen
6429 Großsteingrab auf dem Bierberg - Gerbitz
17111 Ganggrab - Upost
17179 Ganggrab - Schlutow
18230 Passage grave Gaarzer Hof
18230 Passage grave Neu Gaarz
18249 Ganggrab - Katelbogen
18249 Ganggrab - Qualitz
18546 Megalithic tomb Mukran near Sassnitz
18551 Passage grave Magelowberg of Nipmerow
19406 Passage grave Klein Görnow
21368 Megalithic Tomb Seedorf near Boitze
21368 Passage Grave
21376 Passage Grave near Eyendorf
21388 Passage Grave 1 near Raven
21388 Passage Grave 1 near Raven
21388 Passage Grave at Soderstorf
21388 Passage Grave near Wetzen
21397 Passage Grave of Rohstorf
21698 Chamber 1 in hunebed A of Horneburg/Daudieck
21698 Chamber 2 in hunebed A of Horneburg/Daudieck
21698 Chamber 3 in hunebed A of Horneburg/Daudieck
21714 Passage grave of Hammah
21776 Passage grave 10 of Wanna
23936 Passage grave Everstorf South near Barendorf
25557 Grave mounds with dolmen in Hanerau-Hademarschen
26197 Steinloge Cellar Stones 1 near Ahlhorn
26197 Steinloge Cellar Stones 2 near Ahlhorn
27243 Megalithic tomb Reckum 1
27404 Stone House on Badenstedt Nekropolis
27404 Megalithic tomb of Godenstedt
27404 Grave Ruin in Nartum
27404 Passage Grave near Ostereistedt
27412 Passage Grave 1 near Steinfeld
27412 Passage Grave 2 near Steinfeld
27624 Passage grave 2 of Floegeln
27624 Passage grave 1 of Floegeln
27639 Dolmen "High Stones" of Midlum
27729 Passage grave 2 of Steden
27801 Megalithic tomb Dötlingen
27801 Court Stones of Aschenstedt
29303 Passage Grave Siddernhausen
29416 Passage grave 6 near Wotz/Leetze
29416 Passage grave 8 near Wotz/Leetze
29553 Chambered Tomb of Edendorf
29683 Seven Stonehouses B near Fallingbostel
29683 Seven Stonehouses E near Fallingbostel
29683 Seven Stonehouses A near Fallingbostel
32549 Stone cist in Werste
33165 Megalithic Chamber at Henglarn
34414 Passage grave of Rimbeck
37186 Reconstructed cottage for the dead at Großenrode
37186 Soul hole of Großenrode
38154 Grand passage grave Groß Steinum
39343 Grave relic of Haldensleben
39343 Passage grave of Haldensleben
39343 Passage grave on the Beberberg Hundisburg
49074 Devils stone in Osnabrück
49090 Passage grave Sundermannsteine in Gretesch/Osnabrück
49090 Passage grave Greteschsteine
49179 Darpvenner Steine II Schwagstorf
49179 Darpvenner Steine I Schwagstorf
49179 Darpvenner Steine III Schwagstorf
49191 Grand dolmen Teufels Backofen Vehrte
49429 Megalith chamber at the Visbeker Bräutigam
49492 Large Sloopsteene
49577 Grand dolmen Western Grumfeld near Ankum
49626 Passage grave Restrup
49757 De hoogen Stainer near Werlte/Rasdorf
59269 Stone coffin of Beckum
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Map detail
Bike and tent close together
Most of these 6000 pictures have been taken during my bike tours in 2003 to 2014. In 2003, I had 18 days, 2004 less. 2005 I had already 3 Tours.
My Yamaha XJ-900 never had problems along the 3000 km each tour, and managed all roads and crossroads very well. The tent, sleeping bag and a bottom isolation were fixed on the sozius seat, and the cases had plenty of space for the library, camera, the toolbox and communications equipment, food and clothing.
In 2006, I sold this true bike - as I replaced it with the same bike, 100000km less mileage.
Typically, after drying the tent, I was first checking two or three locations. Then it is time to check the next camping possibility or else check for the night. Some electrical supplies must be done. The evening was the time to write all down and to try to plan the next day. This took quite some hours, and should be completed before dawn.
My camera is an Pentax Optio 430 RS and it takes good pictures. Next time when I go camping, I should take two spare accu packs for it. The 768MB Flash was not sufficient on the 18 day tour.
2008 I had a new Camcorder, and holding it on a stativ, the lens was high up to 3.5m. Unfortunately, that Panasonic NV-GD500 delivers poor quality. It cannot cope with contrasts. The autofocus does not adjust perfectly, most pictures are not sharp. Much better performs my new NEX6 Sony in 2014, good pictures (if done correctly) and remote controllable by WLAN with my smartphone.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum