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Grave mound with memorial - Brachstedt
Grave mound with memorial - Brachstedt

A whole series of solitary porphyr hills make the basis of the neolithic grave mound group around Brachwitz. This mound has a slightly oval basis of 35-40m diameter and 3m height. A foot path gives access to the tip from south. On the east side of the mound, a underground cellar was dug in world war 2 and is now covered with grass.
On top of the mound stands a memorial for the dead soldiers of world war 1. Old documents tell that until 1900 there stood a menhir which was removed to set up the German Emperors memorial.
The grave was not examined until now.

Large burial mounds were in use from 1500 B.C. until 500 A.C. In the large mounds the dead were buried within trunk coffin. There is an exceptional cluster in Wilsede. Such habit changed in the younger bronze age when the dead were burnt and the ash was buried in small mounds. Often such mounds were set near stone age mounds, which may have not been eroded at that time, and those places were respected by the successing indo-european immigrants. In many mounds, burial objects were found such as dishes, weapons and attire. Real prehistoric mounds are dented at the top - tomb riders usually do not repair the outlines of the mounds.

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Town:6188 Brachstedt
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