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Oldendorfer Hünensteine
Oldendorfer Hünensteine

This are the relicts of a funnel beaker culture grave. The chamber measures 10.7 x 2.2 m, and was covered in an oval mound. Of the fringe only some stones remained in Southwest and Southeast. The chamber still consists of 14 carrier and capstones, which mostly have collapsed. The mound has 10m length and is nearly 2 m high today.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Built without entry passage tunnel, there was an opening for later burials. There are really huge stones, and sometimes gather in neighborhood to other dolmen. Originally, those graves were covered with soil.

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Town:21385 Oldendorf
Sprockhoff ID:968
Picture file name:imgq2033.jpg
Picture date:08.05.2008 12:18:00

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