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Megalith chamber at the Visbeker Bršutigam
Megalith chamber at the Visbeker Bršutigam

Prehistoric grave of the late stone aged Trichterbecher culture. The chamber was originally covered with earth. The mound is largely decayed. The chambers inner dimensions are 7.2m x 1.5m, it consists of 11 wall- and 4 cupstones and it is complete.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. There are really huge stones, and may even have a hole in one of it's bounding stones. They were surrounded by smaller megaliths in circles or ovals. Unfortunately most of the smaller stones are missing.

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Town:49429 GroŖenkneten-Engelmannsbške
Sprockhoff ID:938
Picture file name:imgq2753.jpg
Picture date:13.05.2008 17:18:00

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