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Relocated relicts of a bronze age tumulus in Giersfeld
Relocated relicts of a bronze age tumulus in Giersfeld

These stones were taken from a bronze age tumulus of Eggernmühlen-Besten, relocated for the public within the Giersfeld area.
The two big rocks in the middle mark the first phase, made from a tumulus with stone surroundings and inlays. In the second phase, the tumulus was enlarged to hold ashes from cremation of 4 dead, and the third phase is shown by relicts of burial ashes digged into the mould.
So this mould documents the decrease of effort taken for burials from the elder bronze age 3200 years ago until the times something younger than 2800 years.

It is hard to distinguish a relict from the other graves presented here, as they are all in ruin. I placed all such objects here that were known as prehistoric or clearly recognizable as such, but are ignored normally because of their bad condition.

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Town:49577 Grumfeld
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Picture date:17.05.2010 18:23:00

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