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Passage grave Neu Gaarz
Passage grave Neu Gaarz

Numerous objects could be saved from the chamber of this grave. They were meant for use of the buried peaople after death. Among those objects were vases and weapons in form of arrow tips and tools of flint stone.
Of enhanced interest are the findings of vase relicts and fine worked amber pearls, 3000 BC. Thes show that the grave was in use many decades after erection of the grave. Translated from the info plate.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. There are really huge stones, and may even have a hole in one of it's bounding stones. They were surrounded by smaller megaliths in circles or ovals. Unfortunately most of the smaller stones are missing.

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Age:5100 - 4900
Town:18230 Neu Gaarz
Administration:Bad Doberan
Sprockhoff ID:325
Picture file name:j2_100dicam_dsci0036.jpg
Picture date:02.05.2011 13:57:36

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