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Megalithic tomb Moidentin
Megalithic tomb Moidentin

This simple architecture consisted of a squared chamber, closed by a larger capstone, which is ususlly held by four wall stones. Originally, this chamber was surrounded by a stone ring and was covered within a earth mound.
This grave remained only in relicts. Between rolling stones collected from the surrounding acres, two carrier stones, of which one erects 1 m above ground, and a second, which was destroyed with explosives, and the capstone removed. according to the information board

It is hard to distinguish a relict from the other graves presented here, as they are all in ruin. I placed all such objects here that were known as prehistoric or clearly recognizable as such, but are ignored normally because of their bad condition.

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Town:23966 Moidentin
Sprockhoff ID:321
Picture file name:j2_100dicam_dsci0073.jpg
Picture date:02.05.2011 18:31:44

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