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Herrenholz Tieplitz
Herrenholz Tieplitz

The original about 9 Meter-long passage grave was built in the Neolithic period. The entire facility was covered with earth until the early 19th Century, surrounded by a giant bed and mounded with pebbles and earth. Unfortunately it was heavily destroyed for the purpose of quarrying. During archaeological investigations, numerous gifts (pottery, flint device) to burials of the so-called Globular Amphora Culture came to light. On the cover stone of the 2nd Yoke are 68 cups, which were probably for ritualistic acts. Translated from the info board.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Built without entry passage tunnel, there was an opening for later burials. There are really huge stones, and sometimes gather in neighborhood to other dolmen. Originally, those graves were covered with soil.

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Age:5500 - 3800
Town:18276 Tieplitz
Sprockhoff ID:376
Picture file name:j5_pentax_imgp7039.jpg
Picture date:05.05.2011 18:15:46

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