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Extended dolmen Everstorf South near Barendorf
Extended dolmen Everstorf South near Barendorf

This installation consisted of a nearly square chamber, which was completely by covered rocks the top. Originally, this installation was probably surrounded by a stone circle and covered with soil. There are only few still preserved remnants of the Dolmen. The four stone walls, the ceiling, walls and cornerstones were stroked apart and were probably used for road construction.
The investigation of the plant by the Mecklenburg archaeologist Prof. Dr. Ewald Schuldt in 1967 found remnants of rolling stones still paving the chamber floor. This allowed the former dimensions of the chamber with 1.3 m wide and 4.6 m length to be determined exactly. The footprint of the now-filling wall stones could still be detected. Translated after the information panel.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Built without entry passage tunnel, there was an opening for later burials. There are really huge stones, and sometimes gather in neighborhood to other dolmen. Originally, those graves were covered with soil.

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Town:23936 Everstorf
Sprockhoff ID:315
Picture file name:j6_100dicam_dsci0006.jpg
Picture date:07.05.2011 12:59:18

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