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Stone House on Badenstedt Nekropolis
Stone House on Badenstedt Nekropolis

In einer Ecke des vorgeschichtlichen Friedhofs steht das megalithische Steingrab. sorry for not translating this
On the grounds of the necropolis resides this reconstructed passage grave.
According to reports from 1841 the then already destroyed chamber was called "Stone house" or "Hunecellar", around 1871 it was romantified as "Prince vaul".
All gaps betweed the big rocks were wedged with broken stones and covered with brick clay from the outside. The whole chamber was covered with earth. No relicts were found.
During archeological investigations in 1978, one capstone and five split and partly damaged carrier stones remained. One of the capstones was used in 1920 to build a memorial for world war 1.
The district of Rotenburg restored the grave from records and from examples of other graves of this kind. For this, the remaining stones were rearranged as can be seen today.Citations from the info table

Those graves were used for a whole kin. There are really huge stones, and may even have a hole in one of it's bounding stones. They were surrounded by smaller megaliths in circles or ovals. Unfortunately most of the smaller stones are missing.

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Town:27404 Badenstedt
Administration:Rotenburg (Wmme)
Sprockhoff ID:648
Picture file name:j5c_dsci0403.jpg
Picture date:08.05.2013 12:31:00

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