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Visbeker Bräutigam
Visbeker Bräutigam

This is a very large prehistoric grave facility of the late stone age Trichterbecher people. It is a 104m long and 8,5m wide earth wall with a rectangular boundary consisting of 130 erratic rocks. Maybe the west end megaliths have meanings that are found on menhirs. The west side houses the integer chamber of 10m length.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Some walls have more than 100 m in length and contain two or more stone chambers. They were in use for long periods. The walls were bordered with "smaller" erratic blocks, that now are often missing.

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Town:49429 Großenkneten-Engelmannsbäke
Sprockhoff ID:936
Picture file name:imgp3094.jpg
Picture date:25.05.2003 15:35:00

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