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Dolmen Mechelsdorf
Dolmen Mechelsdorf

This large stone grave is a chamber with one stone on each side and a capstone. This form is called a grave Urdolmen. The grave was built in 3500-3300 BC and is one of the oldest stone graves in the region.
A smaller stone was normally used on a narrow side in the construction of Urdolmen, since here the inlet opening to the grave chamber was located. Instead here at this noteworthy grave, the entry was obliquely placed at a corner. The grave chamber with inner dimensions of about 2 x 1.2 meters and the course was originally in a circular mound of earth and pebbles embedded.
The excavation in 1967 as part of a research project on megalithic tombs has revealed that the grave after construction had been used for burials a long time. Translated from the info plate.

These extended dolmens consist of at least two jochens, that is, zwo wall stones plus one cap stone. At the end of the grave chamber, a stone closed the chamber. These graves were used for more than one burial, and could be accessed from a larger gap on one end.

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Age:5500 - 5300
Town:18230 Mechelsdorf
Administration:Bad Doberan
Sprockhoff ID:324
Picture file name:j2_100dicam_dsci0050.jpg
Picture date:02.05.2011 14:59:36

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