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Kleinenkneter Big Stones II
Kleinenkneter Big Stones II

An irregularly shaped, approximately rectangular boundary of 34m length and 6m to 8m width contains three large chambers. This is quite rare. The stones of the middle chamber are proportionally smaller compared to the rest. Entry for the western chamber is from the north, which is untypical.
Hunebed II - as well as hunebed I - was excavated between 1934 and 1939. Over 10000 pieces of pottery, some axes and arrowheads, amber beads and a small copper disc were found. cited from the information board.

Multiple chambers, embedded within a mould fenced by big stones in rectangular or oval form, make up these complex graves.

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Town:27793 Kleinenkneten
Sprockhoff ID:958
Picture file name:imgq2562.jpg
Picture date:12.05.2008 16:09:00

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