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Grooves on cupstone of a chamber near Bunsoh/Albersdorf
Grooves on cupstone of a chamber near Bunsoh/Albersdorf

This is a completely preserved prehistoric grave, consisting of 8 wall stones and two cupstones. The western cupstone has many circular dips in it, see also the Deuvelstein. One of these dips is surrounded by a circular groove. Also, hands and feet can be seen. Maybe these marks served social purposes.

In the early and late young stone age some extraordinary grave chambers were built by the old Europeans. They had no entrance and could not be reused. Originally, these dolmen were covered with an earth mound.

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Town:25767 Bunsoh
Sprockhoff ID:143
Picture file name:imgp2951.jpg
Picture date:22.05.2003 16:35:00

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