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Grand dolmen Northern Hüven
Grand dolmen Northern Hüven

This passage is oriented East-West. 25 of the carrier stones are still there and are in their primary positions. 8 cap stones are also preserved, but 3 are missing. The chamber has a width of 1.5m maximum and 1m at the ends of the passage. Length is 15m. Tho oval stone ring had a long diameter of 22 meters and is 10m width at maximum. It is in quite complete condition.

A typical architecture of prehistoric graves are the Emsländer Kammer. They are passage-graves measuring more than 20m length and 2m width and 1m hight inside. Most are oriented from east to west and have an entrance in the middle of the southern side. They originally were buried within long, oval earth mounds, that were bordered with small erratic blocks. Sometimes there are dual or triple passage chambers.
Those graves were built by the first farmers and ranchers of Europe. It were people of the Trichterbecherkultur between 3400 and 2800 B.C. Those places were used for many generations. The skeletons are decayed, as the soil does not contain much lime.

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Town:49751 Hüven
Sprockhoff ID:842
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Picture date:26.05.2004 16:42:00

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