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Giants bed in Steinfeld
Giants bed in Steinfeld

The Steinfeld hunebed is the largest megalithic monument of the Altmark region.
With 47 x 8 m size on ground, and 77 stones it is laid out north-north-east to south-south-west. In the surrounding, in the northern part is the chamber, and before it lie two gable stones. The chamber consists of 17 carrier aand 6 capstones. The largest capstone is called sounding stone as once it made a certain sound when it was hit. This is not the case nowadays.
At the southern side stood two corner stones, called watchers, and a gable stone.
An der südlichen Schmalseite der Umfassung befinden sich zwei Ecksteine, die sogenannten "Wächter" und ein Giebelstein.
According to a tale, two giants had thrown each other with these rocks. From that, the hune bed emerged.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Some walls have more than 100 m in length and contain two or more stone chambers. They were in use for long periods. The walls were bordered with "smaller" erratic blocks, that now are often missing.

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Town:39599 Steinfeld
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