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Hunebed "Stone dance" Mankmoos

This grave was excavated and reconstructed by the Mecklenburg archaeologist Prof. Dr. Ewald Schuldt in the year 1966. It is a giant bed, a long artificial mound, which was bordered with stones.
Noticeable here is a 2m x 1.8m high capstone, with 52 up to 4 cm deep cups. These round or oval bowls were artificially applied by picking or drilling. It is assumed that they were made during the Bronze Age. The research assumes that the bowls are the result of ritual acts. This information can be found on the billboard.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Some walls have more than 100 m in length and contain two or more stone chambers. They were in use for long periods. The walls were bordered with "smaller" erratic blocks, that now are often missing.

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Town:19417 Mankmoos
Sprockhoff ID:331
Picture file name:j4_pentax_imgp6999.jpg
Picture date:04.05.2011 13:12:56

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