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Hunebed of Klecken
Hunebed of Klecken

The Klecker grave is 48 m long and 6 feet wide. It is the best preserved archaeological monument in the district of Harburg. The story of the tomb is then as follows:
After the grave had been abandoned, it decayed gradually. Some of the circumfering stones fell, and the original plates placed in the stone interstices that gave the impression of a closed front wall had been broken apart. Probably in the Middle Ages or in the early modern era, the farmers of the neighborhood carried the fertile soil of the old hill bed to their fields. Recent attempts to blow up the rocks destroyed part of the boulders, to turn them into building materials.
1892 the grave was reconstructed by the forest official Schneemann. He let fill in some gaps and set the fallen up again, with one or the other not, however, return to his original place. So the two as "guardian stone" called blocks that mark the eastern corner of the grave, probably originated Schneemann's imagination. Originally, they were almost certainly in the frame of the giant bed. Excerpt quotes from the information board.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Some walls have more than 100 m in length and contain two or more stone chambers. They were in use for long periods. The walls were bordered with "smaller" erratic blocks, that now are often missing.

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Town:21224 Klecken
Sprockhoff ID:675
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