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Teufelskeller - Drosa
Teufelskeller - Drosa

In 1700 a.C. the western side of this chamber laid free already. In 1904, an archeological examination was done. The chamber has 2.30 x 1.25 meters inside, the hight was up two 2 meters. The carrier stones were digged within clay, and the seams of them were closed with smaller stones. On the southern side there was an entry passage of 3 m length and 90 cm width, to bring in the dead. A swell stone separated the chamber from the entry passage. A wooden door is probable. The ground was made of lime plates, on which the dead were laid in two layers.
Plenty of burial objects were found.

In the early and late young stone age some extraordinary grave chambers were built by the old Europeans. They had no entrance and could not be reused. Originally, these dolmen were covered with an earth mound.

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Town:6369 Drosa
Administration:Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld
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Picture date:21.05.2005 11:58:00

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