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Langer Stein - Seehausen
Langer Stein - Seehausen

Locally this one is known as 'Langer Stein', that is, Long Stone. It is elsewhere called 'Divine Stone'.

These standing stones were erected by prehistoric cultures. Some must have been transported over far distances. They were used for cultural and structuring purposes. For some, it can be understood from astro archeologic view point, that there are calendar events, as you may see the sun rise in line with a prominent hill on aequinoxes and the longest and shortest days in the year, if you stand beside such a calendar stone. As nature was understood rather spiritual in these years, these locations marked were also viewed as sacred. Modern chiselers also are busy leaving ther personal marks on i.e. Alsbach, which is also a good example for a calendar stone.
During history and the middle ages, many were used as landmarks. Most elderly inhabitants know these smaller stones. They are protected by law.

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Town:39365 Seehausen
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