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Frenchman's stone - Halle-Trotha
Frenchman's stone - Halle-Trotha

This upright standing menhir consists of Porphyr. It is 1.82m high, 1m wide and 0.5m thick. The viewing sides point in the SE-NW axis. On one side it has a hole, which is a relict of a fixating point for height measurements.
The name comes from the story, that once a french general was buried here.

Stone disks are usually grand menhirs. Many have a so called blood groove along the small sides.
Prehistoric chiselers work indicates a matriarchal meaning on the Eselstratt.

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Town:6118 Trotha
Picture file name:imgq1200.jpg
Picture date:28.09.2007 09:44:00

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