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Hinkelstein - Walhausen
Hinkelstein - Walhausen

Finally! Revisited 2008! This remarkable menhir disk was the second of my personal menhir experiences, with my first GN125 motorcycle on my very first tour.
The place is very lovely and clean, a water spring - the Hinkelborn - and a memorial saying:
hinkelborn a menhir must stand upright 1984 to remind on the reconstruction.

Stone disks are usually grand menhirs. Many have a so called blood groove along the small sides.
Prehistoric chiselers work indicates a matriarchal meaning on the Eselstratt.

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Town:66625 Walhausen
Administration:Sankt Wendel
Picture file name:jdsc05826.jpg
Picture date:27.09.2015 13:00:00

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