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menhir - Neumehring
menhir - Neumehring

This Menhir was digged into the earth 2004 to allow big truck supply for the nearby Morbach wind energy park.
Because of activities of a local newspaper and the museum of Trier, this stone was reconstructed. The direction, which the tip is showing to, is not the same, but, I suspect, that the stone was standing upright in former times.

Those grand menhirs (standing stones) are the famous ones in Germany. Especially the Gollenstein, which is the largest one of these. Noone is sure what they were meant for. Some must have had cult importance. Prehistoric chiselers work indicates a matriarchal meaning on the Fraubillenkreuz.
The christianization left its marks, see also on the Fraubillenkreuz, or the Saulheim menhir.

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Town:54346 Neumehring
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Picture date:06.10.2007 10:32:00

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